Vintage Chef
The Goodies

Custom and personal baking for the Park Rapids, MN area.

Artisan bread baking including sourdough and whole grain.

Vintage Chef offers the best in traditional style breads, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, lefse and other delectable treats.

Chef, Mark Bridge, is a certified food manager and has extensive experience in the restaurant industry, including Perkins Restaurants and Bakeries. Baking has been a lifelong passion (especially the consuming part).  He even acts as an instructor and provides classes in sourdough and Dutch oven baking.  He enjoys baking competitions and his pies are regular prize winners. 

Fruit pies and tarts.

Great baking starts with the best ingredients.  Vintage Chef baked goods are created with all natural ingredients like butter, cream, eggs, real vanilla, fresh fruit and high quality flour.  All of the recipes have been lovingly refined to ensure only the best product is produced for your family or event.

Croissants and pastries.

Artisan Baker AssociationThink of how nice your trips to the lake home will be knowing you can have a weekend worth of artisan baked goods delivered to your door for your family or event.  There is noting on earth like that first cup of coffee in the morning when it is accompanied with fresh baked muffin or caramel roll.  Or how about a piece of hot apple pie for dessert.  Check out the offerings on the goodies page and you will get all kinds of flavorful ideas.